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We like to fly from places other than our home field at Jean.  This section showcases what we are planning to do in the next 12 months.

29 April 2023
Saturday only due to winds.  We had a great day with 25 auto tows!  Pictures coming here and/or FB page.

Next planned event:
21 - 22 October 2023
Roach Dry Lake Auto Tows

We schedule a Spring event on the third weekend of April every year and a Fall event on the third weekend of October.  We ferry our gliders 6 miles south of Jean to Roach Dry Lake early Saturday morning and begin operations shortly thereafter.  We need a dry lakebed and winds to be forecast less than 15 knots to go ahead with the event.  Many will camp out on Saturday night to enjoy shared food and beverage along with a roaring bonfire.  It is one of our best social and flying events.  We welcome any SSA members to join us on these weekends.


9 - 15 July 2023

For many years we have taken a tow plane to Tonopah, NV, for a week of intense cross country flying.  The event is only open to Club members but some folks from outside of Nevada have joined the Club just for this event.

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